Axial to Terminal is a custom metal fabrication company located in Oakland, CA.

We specialize in architectural metal design, fabrication and installation, as well as furniture and lighting. I started doing metal work twenty years ago out of curiosity. My grandfather used to take me to a farm called Tillers on weekends. This farm was also a school where they trained people in low powered agriculture. Among their many facilities, was a blacksmith shop where I learned how to light the forge and make rudimentary tools and blades using traditional techniques. This was my humble beginning in metalwork.

I held an interest in the craft, learning how to weld in school. When I was nineteen, I took a sculpture class at Smartshop, a metal arts school in Kalamazoo, MI. From there grew a genuine passion for welding, forging and fabrication. This lead to a three year apprenticeship with the school.

In 2009 I moved to Oakland where I discovered a thriving industrial arts and music community. I spent the next four years apprenticing in blacksmithing and fabrication, while making my own artwork and music.

I started Axial to Terminal in 2011 when I was inspired to build my own company.

The business is now growing and thriving, with dedicated employees and a beautiful shop in the Prescott neighborhood of West Oakland.

With each project we look forward to helping our clients recreate their homes and businesses with high quality metal design and products. As craftspeople, we aim to refine our trade and consistently find simple solutions to complex problems.

Sam Derouin